Happy Sankranthi to all

Here’s wishing all my readers a very Happy Sankranthi.  As for me ………well its not exactly a cheerful New year or a happy Sankranthi.   This primarily has to do with the dire straits in which my company finds itself.  For now its headless, moneyless ………and I don’t even know where its headed.  Its pretty worrying though. 

I for one am hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.  On the positive side of things ……..its good to be going through this memorable experience of being in a company which suddenly finds itself in such a situation.  Every day is a day worth remembering.  I would not elaborate on the experiences for now – although they are pretty interesting.   How many of us would go through such an experience in our lifetimes?


Toastmasters award

TT The other day I happened to be invited by a friend to the Toastmasters club of Satyam for one of their bi-monthly meets.  I was a guest.   Towards the end – they invited three members and three guests to talk on a random topic which we had to pick.

I got the topic – ‘Why do we need a Hobby’.  I had to restrict it to 3 minutes.
I got the first prize out of the 6 speakers (ahem!!!).  It was a pleasant surprise for me.

I’m back

I’m back and feeling far better.  While I’m still perfecting the skill of handling information – a few steps I took were:

  • Stay away from TV programs and books which I didn’t need immediately.
  • Increase the entertainment factor of information intake
  • Reduced surfing to the bare minimum – emails only
  • Try to skip newspapers – if possible.

Another thing was to organise my schedule in a more meaningful way and to continously do things – which are necessary and avoid things which are ‘nice’ or ‘fad’ to do.  I have not fully streamlined my operations – however I’m getting there.

While I was away I saw quite a few movies:

  • Boothnath – 4 star
  • Taare Zameen Par – 5 star
  • Kuruvi – 3 star
  • Indiana Jones and teh Crystal Skull – 3 star

For the last two days – I’ve been seeing T Seetharam’s ‘Mukta Mukta’ on E-Tv Kannada and have been deeply impressed with the visuals and lyrics of the title song and also the dialogues.  Very very impressive. 

Another update for readers – I’ve decided to minimize my activity here on my personal blog and increase it on my work blog.  This is part of my effort to seek more meaning from my information interaction. While I will not entirely stop my entries here …….you will see it reduced. 

Apologies to my readers who would have enjoyed my take on various things in life.

Appraisal time


I\’ve been doing performance reviews for my team members.  Not the first time – but definitely each one is unique.  Some are a walk-over.  Some no matter what you give – want more.  We try to be as objective as possible – but some amount of subjectivity neverthless enters.

On the political front – the Islamic world has pledged support for Hamas – which is good.  Also the Iran issue and the Nuclear issue has come up for discussion in parliament.  Waiting to hear really what the government has in mind.

Recently one of the magazines published a major scam in the purchase of submarines.  Its a sham the way these defence contracts are executed – despite Bofors!!!

I\’m wondering how true things are – and what is it that we are made to believe of our process in the defence forces – which again throws into doubt the whole robustness of our defences.

I\’m uploading the photo of an Indian princess in the early part of this century.  Got it from BBC.