Prayers in Govt. schools in MP

For once I’m supporting the BJP in MP.  Apparently they have introduced a pre-meal prayer in govt. schools there.  The other communities are up in arms.

As I used to study in a private christian school – we would have a standard ‘our father’ prayer early in the morning.  We did it without blinking an eye-lid and never thought that the school is brainwashing us into ‘christian-ideals’.  Hence I don’t find it wrong that the kids should ask the divine for blessings.

But I’m not sure what stand to take here when it comes to considering the fact that it was a govt. school and not a private school.  Anyway its up for debate.  Hemanth/Vishwas ……..any comments?


One thought on “Prayers in Govt. schools in MP

  1. I am against this for two reasons.
    1) Prayer should be a personal choice and not Goverment Policy.
    2) The intentions of the Goverment may not be good as this party is know for their communal hatred.

    Besides i am against common prayer for all irrespective of Government and Private institutions including minority institutions their belief or forego the school prayer.

    When it comes to my personal belief its not a big deal at all i never minded it in my education days but now we have made it a big issue, these things are attached to religious rights, personal choice etc then let bring fairness to it. Ban it on all institutions. World is better off without religion or make it secular taking into account sentiments of all religions.

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