Hilarious picture


Humping haathis

Humping haathis



Life is beautiful ……..in Bangalore

In retrospect moving to Bangalore has been a very good decision for me.  In the last three weeks – I have met so many of my old friends ………..its been very refreshing.


I met my junior from college about three weeks back.  Incidentally he was doing his M Tech in telecommunications in RMIT Melbourne ….at the same time I was working in ANZ, Melbourne.  I was seeing him after almost 7-8 years.

Last week I met two of my school mates.  One is a plastic-surgeon who has recently moved to Bengaluru from Mumbai and the other has always been in Bangalore.  The second of my school mates …has his own family property in Bangalore which he manages.  We visited each others houses and it was very happy for all our families …seeing us together.

Yesterday I met my senior from college ……..at her house.  It has been 11 years since I saw her.  She is now married and has a kid.  She is also teaching at one of the colleges in Bangalore.

My niece celebrated her birthday recently and it was fun hosting all her friends at home.  Here are the pics from there

Nehu sixth birthday


Also had fun reading this post of Vishwas.  He is coming back to blogging after a 3 month gap.  Welcome back Vishwas.  Here is a very comic posting on his blog.  Its a modern take on the Ramayana.

Shwaas – wonderful movie

I would give this movie a full five stars.  These days I’m giving more movies 5 star.  This is a Marathi movie shot by director Sandeep Sawant and was made in 2005.  It even went for an Oscar nomination in the foreign language section.  It has won quite a few accolades.  

Again thanks to seventymm – I was able to see this movie.  











The movie is full of contrasts – rural-urban, doctors perspective-patients perspective, fast-paced life and how cold and impersonal it could become at times.  If the readers could get an opportunity to see this movie – please don’t miss it.

Mangalore pub incident and Slumdog millionaire

The incident in Mangalore where some goons beat up a few women for being at a pub – is thoroughly reprehensible.  The police should ensure that these guys don’t come out on bail and they must be severely punished by the court of law.  It is extremely unfortunate that such incidents should happen in Karnataka.   Like one of the victims said – the public should form groups to ensure that such incidents don’t happen in the future.

The other aspect is that sections of the media which had advance notice of the event – must be pulled up severely for not letting the police know about it and for allowing it to happen.  This just goes to show how desperate some sections of the media are for a few good media bytes.   This further underlines the fact that the government must proceed with media regulation.

Apart from that – I saw the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.  If I was in the Oscar board – I would have shot the movie down as it doesn’t deserve an award.  The movie would be rated by me at 3 stars.  My recommendation to readers is that even if you  miss this movie …………its OK.  AR Rahman’s music for the song “Jai Ho’ ………too isn’t great at all.  He has scored tons of songs which have come out far far better than this one.

Happy Sankranthi to all

Here’s wishing all my readers a very Happy Sankranthi.  As for me ………well its not exactly a cheerful New year or a happy Sankranthi.   This primarily has to do with the dire straits in which my company finds itself.  For now its headless, moneyless ………and I don’t even know where its headed.  Its pretty worrying though. 

I for one am hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.  On the positive side of things ……..its good to be going through this memorable experience of being in a company which suddenly finds itself in such a situation.  Every day is a day worth remembering.  I would not elaborate on the experiences for now – although they are pretty interesting.   How many of us would go through such an experience in our lifetimes?

Happy New Year

Warm wishes to all my readers on the ocassion of the New Year. I wish you all have peace most importantly in 2009. And with that may your life have plenty of calm, health and goodwill.

Wishing prosperity in these troubled times doesn’t make sense. But I just wish you’ll conserve whatever you have and are able to maintain your sense of equilibrium in these mad times.

Parting 2008 with these pictures.

Smiling asian baby


Personally for me 2008 was a dull year. The only hilights were my trip to Egypt and my move out of Chennai. Apart from that work wise there wasn’t much that happened at my end. Also my organisation is going through a tough phase. I just wish they will come out of it successfully.

The end of 2008 leaves me with lesser optimism of everything around. Its kinda depressing. I just hope that 2009 will see better things for everybody around and for me myself.