Star Wars – The Last Jedi

After a really long wait – I got to finally see the Last Jedi at the Forum Value Mall – in 3D.  I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the movie.

A few scenes that stood out were:

a. Rey discovering the Jedi tree and the Jedi library on her own – on the island of Ahch To and Luke asking her if she knew this place.  The place sounded like her home that she’d always known.  This is like the heart of the “Light side” of the force.


b. Rey discovering the cave on the same island of Ahch To – when she is in deep meditation.  It is like the “Dark side” of the force calling her with equal strength.  Also despite Luke asking her to resist – she goes over to the cave and discovers it for herself “without any sense of fear”.



c. Being able to communicate with Kylo Ren telepathically and actually “connect” with him.  This she is later told by Snoke that he is the one who made it happen.  Luke later interrupts the ‘connect’ between Kylo Ren and Rey and destroys Rey’s residence in the process.   This form of telepathic connect is a first for the Star Wars.

d. This was  a brilliant scene – where Kylo Ren deceptively kills Snoke by managing to block his thoughts from Snoke and redirect the blazer to pierce Snoke remotely.   Another aspect of the same scene was the sheer power of Snoke to overcome Rey’s resistance to lift and hold her.

e. The part when Luke is able to force project himself and mislead Kylo Ren and later giving up his body while meditating on the island of Ahch To.

f. When Luke tries to destroy the Jedi tree hesitatingly – but is helped to do it by Yoda.  Luke later tries to protect the Jedi texts – only to be told by Yoda that there is nothing in those books that Rey does not know already.


g. Luke and Snoke who are both more powerful than Rey and Ren – die!!! Rey outsmarts Ren to rescue the last remnants of the resistance.

h. The leadership of admiral Holdo to destroy the First Order ship by doing a kamikaze on them.

There were many things that were new in this movie.  Many aspects of the movie that were fresh aspects of the Force that were never known.  Force projections, telepathic connections etc.  Overall the movie was a great watch.


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