I’m back

I’m back and feeling far better.  While I’m still perfecting the skill of handling information – a few steps I took were:

  • Stay away from TV programs and books which I didn’t need immediately.
  • Increase the entertainment factor of information intake
  • Reduced surfing to the bare minimum – emails only
  • Try to skip newspapers – if possible.

Another thing was to organise my schedule in a more meaningful way and to continously do things – which are necessary and avoid things which are ‘nice’ or ‘fad’ to do.  I have not fully streamlined my operations – however I’m getting there.

While I was away I saw quite a few movies:

  • Boothnath – 4 star
  • Taare Zameen Par – 5 star
  • Kuruvi – 3 star
  • Indiana Jones and teh Crystal Skull – 3 star

For the last two days – I’ve been seeing T Seetharam’s ‘Mukta Mukta’ on E-Tv Kannada and have been deeply impressed with the visuals and lyrics of the title song and also the dialogues.  Very very impressive. 

Another update for readers – I’ve decided to minimize my activity here on my personal blog and increase it on my work blog.  This is part of my effort to seek more meaning from my information interaction. While I will not entirely stop my entries here …….you will see it reduced. 

Apologies to my readers who would have enjoyed my take on various things in life.


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