Zen and Aghora Karma

Currently reading two books.  These are Zen Flesh Zen Bones (compiled by Paul Reps and Nyogen Senzoki) and


Aghora III – The Law of Karma by Robert Svoboda.


While Zen ..da da da…is so light on your mind ….full of meanings you should glean on your own (so zen like).  The second one is a detailed analysis of Karma and its many ways.  Its basically the teaching of Swami Vimalananda – a famous Aghori.

The other two books which I was reading – ‘Learn to Live’ – Part I and II …are almost over.  I didn’t like some parts of the book …as the esteemed Swami takes a very political stance is some parts.  While I have great respect for the Swamis of the Ramakrishna movement ……..I really don’t feel that they have to take on the position of saviours of Hinduism.   Other parts of the book sound like he makes a hard attempt at convincing the readers about certain percepts of belief.


Prayers in Govt. schools in MP

For once I’m supporting the BJP in MP.  Apparently they have introduced a pre-meal prayer in govt. schools there.  The other communities are up in arms.

As I used to study in a private christian school – we would have a standard ‘our father’ prayer early in the morning.  We did it without blinking an eye-lid and never thought that the school is brainwashing us into ‘christian-ideals’.  Hence I don’t find it wrong that the kids should ask the divine for blessings.

But I’m not sure what stand to take here when it comes to considering the fact that it was a govt. school and not a private school.  Anyway its up for debate.  Hemanth/Vishwas ……..any comments?

Old book dusted off the shelf

There was this book I had bought 10 years ago ……….and which …I had not read at all.  But nevertheless ………considering my current context and pursuit of the internal world – the book came out (along with many others) and I’m reading it.


This book is titled

Meditation – Its Process, Practice, and Culmination by Swami Satprakashananda.

This book has been published by the Sri Ramakrishna Math – Mylapore Chennai.  I’m still reading it and yet to ascertain how good this book is.  The impression which BKS Iyengar’s book had on me ……….is still fresh.  So there’s bound to be implicit comparisons.

Communal harmony strained in Karnataka

The incidents of Mysore and Mangalore ……….leaves no doubt of the intentions of the Sri Ram Sene and the indirect support which they enjoy from their political masters.

Under police interrogation ……….someone from the Sri Rama Sene owned up to throwing a pigs carcass in front of a Muslim girls school ……….with the intent of stoking violence.

Again yesterday some Rama Sene goons entered a Hindu wedding reception and drove away some Muslim guests.  There was violence when the other Hindu guests tried to defend the Muslim guest.  These are reprehensible incidents which clearly show the direction which our State is heading out to.

Light on Life


Well now that I’m fully into Yoga these days ………..have been reading many books on this subject.  The current book which is keeping me engrossed is the one shown above.  This is for advanced practitioners of Yoga.  While it is very essential for Yoga practitioners to learn their stuff from a proper guru – this book follows this dictum to the core.  It does not teach about any asanas/pranayams and the entire books is dedicated on the subtler aspects of asanas/pranayamas/kriyas etc.  These subtler aspects can be applied to the exercises taught by any guru – and get maximal benefits.  I’m truly enjoying it.

Awaiting Hemanth to get me the next instalment of Yoga books 😉