The World of Indian Vote Politics

For starters …….if not for elections 2009 ……Jagadish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar would have still been successful Congress candidates during this election.  The new levels of sensitivity of the public made the Congress wink.  While I am still an avid Congress supporter …………..I know pretty well that they have their fair share of skeletons in their cupboard.  The 1984 Sikh riots is one that tops the list.  What the Congress did was right ………not to field the two candidates. 

The sabre-rattling between Advani and Manmohan was another interesting piece of this elections.  We started seeing so many shades of contradictions.  Lalu Yadav blaming the Narasimha Rao – Congress government for the Babri Masjid demolition ………after being a successful bed-fellow of the UPA in the outgoing government.  Later Nitish Kumar questioning Lalu on why he was silent for all these years and why now? (very pertinent questions).

Karunanidhi saying that Prabhakaran was a good friend of his and that he would be saddened if Prabhakaran was killed.  This was in stark contradiction to his own statement that in 1987 he realised what a self-centered narcissist Prabhakaran was ……. when he(Prabhakaran) avowed dictatorship as an effective form of governance within the Tamil eelam.  Karunanidhi had added during that time that he distanced himself from the Eelam as they were killing other Tamil leaders and the 1991 assassination of Rajiv Gandhi steeled his resolve of not having to do anything with Prabhakaran and his cronies. 

Well this is what Indian politics can be ………. a bunch of contradictions.  But the positive thing to note is that many more people are coming out to vote today as compared to the last elections.  It just goes to add that people are more aware of what their own power is today.


One thought on “The World of Indian Vote Politics

  1. It is very strange and i wonder how the political parties get away with such contradiction for their convenience. Take for example in A.P. TRS is in coalition with TDP and it is openly saying that it has its options open after elections and is willing to join any party who supports Telengana statehood. The same party canditates were involved in street fights for party tickets to contest elections one of its candidates went to the extent of saying on records that he paid 10 crores for the ticket. I wonder with what face they go to citizens for votes.
    For me this time around i will vote for voting out the most corrupt and not for in support of some one.
    I wish we had negative voting system.

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