Life is beautiful …… Bangalore

In retrospect moving to Bangalore has been a very good decision for me.  In the last three weeks – I have met so many of my old friends ………..its been very refreshing.


I met my junior from college about three weeks back.  Incidentally he was doing his M Tech in telecommunications in RMIT Melbourne ….at the same time I was working in ANZ, Melbourne.  I was seeing him after almost 7-8 years.

Last week I met two of my school mates.  One is a plastic-surgeon who has recently moved to Bengaluru from Mumbai and the other has always been in Bangalore.  The second of my school mates …has his own family property in Bangalore which he manages.  We visited each others houses and it was very happy for all our families …seeing us together.

Yesterday I met my senior from college …… her house.  It has been 11 years since I saw her.  She is now married and has a kid.  She is also teaching at one of the colleges in Bangalore.

My niece celebrated her birthday recently and it was fun hosting all her friends at home.  Here are the pics from there

Nehu sixth birthday


Also had fun reading this post of Vishwas.  He is coming back to blogging after a 3 month gap.  Welcome back Vishwas.  Here is a very comic posting on his blog.  Its a modern take on the Ramayana.


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