Hodeya Doora O Jotegaara …………from Anubhava

The ides of march has been pretty relaxed and chilled out. Have been cruising the internet since morning. Anyways this posting is about a particular movie song.

It was with a great deal of difficulty that I found this song on google videos. The movie is ‘Anubhava’ and this is one of those “A” movies of Kashinath which he made in the eighties. Abhinaya and Umashri have acted in it. The song simply stands out. The lyrics, music and simply superb. I had the ‘privilege’ of watching the entire movie while I was trying to isolate the song. Abhinaya’s acting is brilliant. Umashri is as usual ……herself. The movie is about the sexual awakening of a mentally immature girl and the problems that it poses for her when she is married too early. Wouldn’t recommend this movie and this whole blog posting focuses only on the song and not the movie.

The most likely reason why this song wouldn’t have been quite popular then would most possible be the adult theme this song is associated with.

Anyway while I was downloading the song ………..I had to do it with the entire movie in tandem. The movie was in flash format (flv). I had to download the movie, clip the song and then convert it to mp4 format. For this I had to download two other softwares ……… one to capture the flash video and the other to edit/convert the flash.

The outcome has a lousy watermark with some sound interruptions in between. Otherwise you can still enjoy the visuals/audio. Here goes.


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