Bangalore captured by Taliban

Taliban ….Allah Allah 😦 ……….so goes the song fromthe movie Appu.  But now we have to despair and call out to Allah ……cause the Taliban are slowly taking over Bangalore.   A city which represents the most progressive values of India ……… now crumbling.   I never thought Bangalore would go the Kabul way.

In the last one week ……….in three seperate incidents across the city …women have been attacked in public places.  These women were wearing western attire and were supposedly ‘outsiders’ (read non-Kannadigas).  In one of these places the incident happened at a traffic signal and none of the other public reacted.  The police did not lodge a complaint readily and the government is mum over these incidents. 

It worries me to think that the government is hand in glove with it.  I dread the day when Karnataka would go the Gujarat way and there would be wide spread violence and genocide against women, non-kannadigas, muslims, christians etc.  Shouldn’t we vote the BJP government out of power? Yes we should.  This is the simplest way we can ensure that the values which Karnataka has always represented of tolerance, progress, culture …..are retained and we don’t get Talibanised. 

And we should get together more and more and represent a united force against these forces of conservatism and hooligany.


2 thoughts on “Bangalore captured by Taliban

  1. You must have heard of Mangalore Teenage girl suicide. The girl was traveling with a Muslim friend in city transport when some rogues of VHP or Ram sena intercepted them they kidnapped them and the girl and the boy were beaten and harassed later they took them to Police station where in the girls parents were called in. The next day the girl unable to take the humiliation committed suicide.

    I wonder when the girl was taken to police station why the police did not register a FIR against the rogues who kidnapped them? The worst is yet to come. Every one knew the perpetrators of this crime but still no arrest were made. The SP being a senior officer responsible to maintain law and order went on NDTV announcing that he feared communal riots would take place if anyone is arrested.
    I sincere fear for the safety of our Kannadigas. Imagine if tomorrow any unto do incidents happened to us or our near and dear one no action will be taken against them. The perpetrators of crime would be walking freely in front of us. Oh I feel I am living in some medieval age.

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