Naan Kadavul ……an excellent movie

I had been waiting for this movie for well over a year.  It was finally released on Feb 6th.  The reason why I was waiting for this movie was because of the interesting title (“I am God”) and also because of the strong Aghori theme.


Bala – the director is the same person who directed movies like Sethu, Pithamagan etc. which have a strong undercurrent of poverty, death, blindness etc.  This movie is no different ………but is a marked improvement over the earlier ones.  Arya was the right choice for this movie and so was actress Pooja (a relative newbie to tinseltown).   In fact Poonja deserves an award for it as her acting is brilliant. 


I wasn’t disappointed at all and would rate the movie at 5 stars (I very rarely give 5 stars to any movie).  A recurring message from this movie is of euthanasia ……’Death is a boon to those who cannot live and for whom living is very difficult’. 


You shouldn’t miss this movie for anything.  The stark realism of poverty and the world of beggars and aghoris is very striking.


One thought on “Naan Kadavul ……an excellent movie

  1. Dear Rajiv,

    Is this movie and telugu one ‘ Nenu Devudu’ is same?

    You know what the other day in my blog i expressed skepticism over Dr. Brians Weiss books, as he a trained psychiatrist and his books dealts with rebirths, interacting with souls etc.

    I had an opportunity to discuss with two persons reacently,One is a psychologist doing her PHD in NIMHANS and the other person a Senor Most Police Officer who was a Psychologist herself before joining Police Service both of them believed in rebirths and remembering of past lives and have witnessed many such events in thier courrier. Dr Brian weiss says in his books that each of us have born many times earlier and our subconscious mind remembers them all and it is possible to know about our past life through re-gression.

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