Talibanisation of Karnataka, Islamic ghettoisation of Frazer Town and the Tejo Mahal (Taj Mahal)

When I read the novel Kite-Runner ………….the way in which Kabul/Afghanistan was Talibanised and the dehumanisation of life was quite disturbing. Now I can notice the same trend developing in our own Karnataka.  There was an incidence of an MLAs daughter being pulled out of a bus, taken to a house and beaten …….just because she was talking to a Muslim boy.  The boy was beaten as well. 

This is really disturbing.  Why isn’t the government doing anything? Its a dead give away that the BJP government is discreetly supporting these acts.  If this continues ………..the day is not far when we would have to move out of Karnataka …….to preserve our sanity and humanity. 

Yesterday a couple of aunts had visited our house.  They were raving about how Muslims have turned Bangalore upside down.  One of them was complaining about some Muslim house in our neighbourhood being turned into a printing press which she thinks prints questionable literature or even illegal stuff.  She was even complaining that two of the roads in our neighbourhood have become completely Isalmised with a mosque even coming up there. 

She went on to say that in Frazer Town there was a move in which old bungalows were being vacated and being bought up by Muslims ………….who are later converting the area into ghettos.  She added that there was a move to make the demographics of Frazer town entirely muslim. 

The same aunt was saying that Taj Mahal was earlier a Shiva temple called Tejo Mahal where a Shiva linga was present.  This she called the ‘Tejo Linga’.

I was alarmed at how the thought process of people around was changing.  Possibly there was some truth to what she was saying.  But again should we discriminate against all Muslims.  In fact we live in the same neighbourhood where our aunt lives.  We live about three streets ahead of her.  Yes indeed there are quite a few Muslim families there.  We know many of them personally and get along well with them.  In fact I have rented a house of mine to a Muslim family myself.  We share food with them, our kids play in some of their houses and we all live happily there.  I never noticed any Islamic ghettoisation there.  I have Muslim friends myself.  Should we hate/discriminate against them. 

The movie ‘Khuda Ke Liye’ and what comes through from there rings out ……………’Not all Muslims are bad, some are ……….but you don’t have to hate all Muslims’. 

Yes we have to be wary of some and perhaps there is some truth to what my aunt said (about Frazer town).  But when we are dealing with people ……we have to be wary/careful in any case.  Why do we need to look at people differently just because they are “Muslims”.  It is very easy to build a thought pattern of intolerance ………..but your heart is at peace when you resist it and take a different course which talks of being tolerant and also of being wary/careful.


3 thoughts on “Talibanisation of Karnataka, Islamic ghettoisation of Frazer Town and the Tejo Mahal (Taj Mahal)

  1. You know what Rajiv? We are all responsible for such hate crimes. It requires lot of conscious efforts to be good and to think with clarity against any prejudice or biased attitude which is inherit nature of mankind. Such distinction or prejudice is present in our genes. Prehistorically like all animals man tried to protect his clan, territory and considered all others as his enemy.

    It is only through the development in our civilization over last few centuries especially in the 20th and 21st we started considering all mankind as one but whenever narrow interest of some are threatened then they try to remind rest of us of our genes which is programmed to protect our selfish interest.

    Change for good is always slow. It requires lot of persistence from the civilization and active role from the majority of the society. What we are doing is in fact giving indirect support to hate crimes like when one terrorist kills innocent people majority of Muslims are cons piously silent and does not even attempt to criticize such acts of vandalism, the same is true with hard core Hindus. The least we can do is vote out such parties which support such vandalism. Karnataka was lot better when this party was not in power.

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