Au Revoir les Enfants, Sarkar Raj and Wall -E

Again thanks to Seventymm – I get to see movies from different genres.  Au Revoir Les Enfants (Goodbye Children) is a movie of the loss of innocence of school children who are caught in the witch hunt of Jews during the Second World War.  The final scene where the main protagonist – gets tears in his eyes at the exit of his dear friend from the school (because of being a jew) is very moving indeed.  I would rate it at 4 stars.  This movie is a pretty famous French movie which was shot in 1987. 



Sarkar Raj ………is again brilliant.  These days Ram Gopal Varma gives less of these kind of movies and more of stupid crap.  Anyways I enjoyed this movie and would rate it at 4 stars.  The politics which come to the fore as the movie concludes is very riveting and wonderful.  The dialogues are indeed very powerful. 


Wall-E is a wholesome entertainer – which has deep messages of environmental conservatism embedded in it.  Its a simple story of two robots who fall in love with each other and try to save each other ………..amidst another plot of an entire population returning to earth after 700 years.  It gets to humans vs. robots with good robots and bad robots.  The good ones side with the humans while the bad ones try to prevent the return.  There are very limited dialogues in this movie and the entire experience of this movie is more visual and less dialogue.  Would rate it at 4 stars



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