Mangalore pub incident and Slumdog millionaire

The incident in Mangalore where some goons beat up a few women for being at a pub – is thoroughly reprehensible.  The police should ensure that these guys don’t come out on bail and they must be severely punished by the court of law.  It is extremely unfortunate that such incidents should happen in Karnataka.   Like one of the victims said – the public should form groups to ensure that such incidents don’t happen in the future.

The other aspect is that sections of the media which had advance notice of the event – must be pulled up severely for not letting the police know about it and for allowing it to happen.  This just goes to show how desperate some sections of the media are for a few good media bytes.   This further underlines the fact that the government must proceed with media regulation.

Apart from that – I saw the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.  If I was in the Oscar board – I would have shot the movie down as it doesn’t deserve an award.  The movie would be rated by me at 3 stars.  My recommendation to readers is that even if you  miss this movie …………its OK.  AR Rahman’s music for the song “Jai Ho’ ………too isn’t great at all.  He has scored tons of songs which have come out far far better than this one.


4 thoughts on “Mangalore pub incident and Slumdog millionaire

  1. 1. These incidents have become routine. The reason may be many, one is exploitation of situation by political parties for mutual gain by politicizing the issue and taking soft approach towards their favored group. Unlawful elements get wrong signals. MNS has laid the precedents for such incidents.
    The second reason is the media. 24/7 news channels have become a nuisance. Since 26/11 incident I have stopped watching exclusive 24 hrs news channels. I relay more on regional channels which telecast news only on prime time. It is not possible to have Breaking news 24hrs a day so they sensationalize the whole issue. Government should consider to regulate time for telecast of news that will be more easier than regulating what they broadcast.

    2. I have not watched the movie but I have come across many such phenomenon where in people get into mass hysteria and it seems many do not have their own opinion and frame their opinion on the basis of others like the story in which the king and his subjects are made to believe that he is wearing the finest apparel. (also read my post on reading culture). I doubt whether the same movie would have got such adulation had the director been some Yash Chopra or Farhan Akhtar. I have listened to Jai ho song the music was only ok for me. Rehman has composed many maverick songs.
    We should also think on the basis of western taste. There seems to be a pattern in which western like to see India for example Adiga’s White Tiger won bookers where as the other Indian book in contention ‘Sea of Poppies’ was considered to be more prize worthy.

  2. “If you wish to converse with Me.” said Voltaire, “Define your terms.”

    “How many a debate would have been deflated into a paragraph if the disputants had dared to define their terms!” (Will Durant)

    I believe the pubs are redefined by the introduction of DJ’s, who now operate in discotheques and pubs, so:

    Pub- is a place which serves alcoholic beverages, music and food.

    Culture- “customs and civilization of a particular time or people” (oxford)

    I deduce from the above definitions that ‘Pub Culture’ is the usual way of behavior or acting, and the social developments and refinements of the group of people, that is the people visiting pubs.

    The attack by Sri Rama sena activists against drinking women and the Pub Culture is appalling.

    I spoke to an elderly gentleman about this incident and his opinion on pubbing, he has this to say “I haven’t been to one of these places but I’ve seen in the movies that drinks are spiked (drugged) so women would become highly intoxicated and then they’d be molested or raped.” I was not surprised but I was just reminded of all the movies that I watched as a kid and then the times I rubbished these ideas as paranoid after experiencing these places. I felt sorry for the anxieties he’d suffer when his daughter comes back late from college. So I shared a few facts about clubs; that dignified men and women, morally upright youngsters visit these places and his ideas were fictional. As I am a cautious person I also asked him to keep communications open with his kids when they are out late in the evenings.

    Another lady shared with me a sad story of her far relative, a man who she believed was a victim of this culture. She said in an agitated tone. “He used to take his wife to clubs quite often, a few years later she eloped with an acquaintance from the club and the poor fellow died from drinking too much.” It felt like a moral story, telling don’t visit these places but I had learnt how uncultured it would be to blame it on the place. I told her proudly that what happened with this man had to do with the woman’s character and not the influence of the pubs; which my readers would arrive at with some introspection.

    I imagine they assume that the clubbing society is, of philandering, drugs and infidelity. This is grossly misconstruing decent group of liberal people.

    A pub is merely a place that amuses some drinkers because of the ambience and music they provide. The social activities in these places as are not different from any other public places, their also need to conform to the societies accepted form of decent behavior and the state laws.

    Why the pub is a development from a Bar and Restaurant?
    Refinements and social developments at the local Pubs.

    Refinements- Music by a professional Dj, churning the best music on a sophisticated system, a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, skilled bar tenders to mix the cocktails, Beer served at the right temperature, comfortable and tasteful ambience, delicious food and a polite service.

    Social developments- A few pubs are dedicated to a particular genre of music like rock, house or hip hop. This brings people with the same interest of music together; it is a profound thing for many who gather to appreciate music.
    (I believe there are many developments and changes needed in pubs; I am unable to share it now because of the length of the article)

    A Sena leader said that women should not drink because it is against our sanatana dharma;
    The translation is tradition; let’s scrutinize it first.

    Tradition- “the handing down of beliefs and customs by word of mouth or by example without written instruction.”(Webster’s)

    I infer, it is by example that it had become customary for women to refrain from drinking. In order to thoroughly investigate this custom I propose two theories for the existence of this tradition.
    If it was acceptable for men to drink, and they imposed abstinence for women,
    Just to discriminate? Considering the liberties that were taken from women in the past it seems like a possibility.
    The second, It is commonly believed that drinking was considered unhealthy and addictive and therefore men and women both refrained from it, it was later that moderation was discovered to be a way to enjoy its euphoria and drinking became popular. Since women were thought of as the weaker sex, men could have declined these pleasures to them. It is now know that they are just as capable to handle the intoxication.
    Whichever theory seems probable, the right course of development would have been for the women to have the right to drink.
    To ask women not to drink is against the code of equality.
    The honor we can give our women is to give them they liberties.

    The common thought among our authorities “I do not support the pub culture” only shows their prejudices and lack of sophistication. We need to gently dispel the myths about Pub culture; so the next time you see somebody demoralizing your way of life give them the facts.

    These incidents have the potential to destroy the faith in Democracy, let’s join our shoulders to remind these organizations that India is a Secular country.

  3. Hi Rajiv,
    I agree with your point of view about A R Rahman’s music in Slumdog. But the fact we have to agree is that the Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe, etc., juries are exposed to Rahmans music for the first time. And it will be refreshing for them. ‘O Saya’ was a master piece. As far as A R Rahman goes he deserves these recognitions for consistently providing original music unlike other music directors.

    Slumdog also differs from the genre of hollywood movies. Exceptions are always recognised in the west & we have to live with it.

    Mangalore incident – utter crap. All I can tell to the people who tried to be moral police is, “what you sow is what you reap”.

    Nicely maintained blog.

    Sanjeev Priyam

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