Happy New Year

Warm wishes to all my readers on the ocassion of the New Year. I wish you all have peace most importantly in 2009. And with that may your life have plenty of calm, health and goodwill.

Wishing prosperity in these troubled times doesn’t make sense. But I just wish you’ll conserve whatever you have and are able to maintain your sense of equilibrium in these mad times.

Parting 2008 with these pictures.

Smiling asian baby


Personally for me 2008 was a dull year. The only hilights were my trip to Egypt and my move out of Chennai. Apart from that work wise there wasn’t much that happened at my end. Also my organisation is going through a tough phase. I just wish they will come out of it successfully.

The end of 2008 leaves me with lesser optimism of everything around. Its kinda depressing. I just hope that 2009 will see better things for everybody around and for me myself.


One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. A New Year 2009 is unfolding like a blossom with petals curled tightly
    concealing the beauty, colours and innumerable pleasant surprises within.
    Forget about the past the future is better and I wish 2009 is the best year yet for you. So I, with my family, Wish you and your family a World of Love, Peace,
    Prosperity, Health, and Happiness for this New Year and always.

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