Media self-regulation

It is indeed commendable that the India electronic news media has decided to self regulate themself and framed guidelines for itslef: on how to report crisis situation.

This reflects the growing maturity of the medium.  It remains to be seen how effective these regulatory guidelines are on the ground – and to what extent the various media groups would respect the spirit of these.


2 thoughts on “Media self-regulation

  1. This is an excellent move and very much required in the present scenario especially after the reporting of 24/11 most of us had a negative impression on news channels but it seems that this measure is not adequate and is taken halfheartedly because while they have exercised self restriction during troubled times like terrorism attacks, communal violence etc in the name of public interest but failed to define ‘Public interest’ and news channels could interpret it to their conveyance.

    I strongly believe that Government should restrict the time for news reporting to 3 to 4 hours a day and choice of timing could be the choice of news channels and should be flexible to report really breaking news or news of importance and rest of the time they could hire their documentaries or other programmes. This restriction in time may prompt them to report only quality news without exaggeration and glamorization. What do you think?

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