Regional and Linguistic Chauvinism

The country is going through a phase where chauvinistic thoughts/perceptions are being churned against a broader feeling of patriotism.  The actions of the MNS in Maharashtra, KRV in Karnataka, PMK/DMDK in Tamil Nadu, Bodo Students Union in Assam etc. have turned the nation upside down. 

But it is important that we see both sides of the issue and not be carried away by what one side has to say.  When I was in Cairo – most of my team mates were Marathi’s from Mumbai.  There was a strong feeling of resentment against people from UP and Bihar.  Most of them expressed it within my team.   Maybe we shouldn’t just stop and accuse the MNS asking them to change.  We also need to dig deeper into what is it about people from Bihar and UP which makes others resent them.  My team mates said

that they bring down the civilized attributes of a particular society by their rustic behaviour and other crude traits.  They behave like bullies and tried to get away with whatever behaviour that suits them.

Well this is something very generic and cannot be attributed to all Biharis and UP people.  In fact this trait is at times attributed to many of our own people.  Discriminating on this basis is wrong.  However my point still remains – there needs to be a lot more thinking to be done on why this problem has happened and what needs to be changed at both the ends to prevent this from happening.

Also I hope that the Mumbai blasts would bring us together and help a New India evolve in thought and action. I can recall the Anti-Hindi agitation in Tamil Nadu which died down in the wake of the India-China war of 1962. I just hope that a new wave of “Indianess”, unity and patriotism emerges which will take our country to newer heights.


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