Namaskaara Bengaluru – its Bengaluru Habba and Kuri Santeh.

Yes I’ve kind of settled down here. First thing – my own city ….gave me a culture shock. I was on the lookout for a flat to live in – around Marathalli and most of the people I liased with did not know Kannada and I had to switch to Hindi. The shops around the area – have very few people who converse in Kannada. I had some difficulty as Hindi is not a language which I have conversed in too much in the last 5 years. Maybe thats a good opportunity to improve my Hindi.

I am an avid radio listener. One of the first songs which welcomed me here while I drove down from Chennai to Bangalore – was “Chitranna Chitranna…” in which my favourite Uppi has acted. Wow what a way to be welcomed here.

Yesterday was Bakrid – and the precints around Munireddipalya, TV tower and JC nagar was teeming with sheep. The entire area had suddenly transformed overnight into a ‘kuri santeh’. Yesterday was Bakrid and I celebrated it with mutton biryani and kheer – which my Muslim tenants had sent over to our house. Thats an annual ritual for us when one of our many Muslim friends, neighbours bring over biryani to our house. We weren’t disappointed this time.

The disappointing thing this time was the postponing of the Bengaluru Habba due to the bomb blasts. However I will still check it out around the third week of December.


3 thoughts on “Namaskaara Bengaluru – its Bengaluru Habba and Kuri Santeh.

  1. Yes, I completely agree with you regarding the diversity in bangalore. Its widely diversified whether its religion, lifesytle, language or be it anything for that matter!! I too had this experience of language in bangalore when I visited for the first time after a long visit from US. I was shocked to see the culture path which it is travelling towards!!! But whatever it is best part of bangalore is we welcome everyone, every culture.

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