Terrorism has no religion

Yes indeed ……….there is no religion associated with terrorism.  Terrorism uses religion as a fantastic mask to further its agenda.  But that’s where the association ends.  

Its heartening to read that the terrorists Sadhvi Pragya, Lt Col Srikant Prasad Purohit and their coterie of swamijis are under the scanner.  

Somewhere it makes me feel that the police are indeed putting effort in crossing the old associations of terrorism always being tied to Islam.  Today there are Hindu terrorists and Christian terrorists.  Again when we say that ……..we are contradicting what we already said about terrorism having no religion.  Ironical isn’t it.  But this incident makes it acutely perceptive of the fact that investigating agencies have matured and that is the right direction to go.

Anyways – a person close to me was recently saying that I shouldn’t be renting my apartment to Muslims.  Incidentally I was scouting for prospective tenants for my apartment in Chennai.  

………as it could be a ‘risk’.  You never know what these well educated/uneducated Muslims could do in your apartment.  They could use it as a base to further terror activities.  So why take a risk.

Well if I use the same logic of that person now …….I shouldn’t rent out my apartment to Hindus.  We never know what these Hindu’s could resort to in the apartment.  They could conduct spiritual discourses by inviting Sadhus and that could turn into a terrorists den – to target hotspots of other religions in Chennai!!!!!!!  😉


One thought on “Terrorism has no religion

  1. You have made two very good statements.

    i). Religion & Terrorism are different. ii) You would not let yourself influenced by negative mentality towards particular religion.

    What happened in Malegoan is a matter of serious concerns hope our dirty politicians does not let this culminate into Hindu terrorism. Some political parties are out playing dirty tricks hope our voters will teach them a good lesson. There is a saying that the ‘king is as good as his subjects’ it is very much true. I am of the belief that had Babri Masjit demolition and Gujarat violence had not taken place Islamic terrorism would not be this rampant in India as it is now. But Rajiv Islamic terrorism is a reality and the world knows that my suggestion to you is be vary of all fundamentalist topi and nama wala’s. Be in touch with reality and do not get carried away by so called secularist’s or radical’s view’s both of them paint extreme picture the truth lies some where between.

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