Reunions and my take on them

In Dec 2006 ….we had our school batch reunion.  I had passed out of St.Josephs Boys High School in 1993.  Back then it was one of the best schools in Bangalore – and I was privileged to pass out from the institution which had a long history. 

The reunion was interesting and fun.  The turnout was decent.  Out of 120 batch members – around 20 turned up.   I was seeing some of them for the first time in 13 years.  We met at the school (which was rebuilt by then) and then went out for lunch at Casa Del Sol, Residency Road.  

From Reunions
From Reunions

September 2008 – was our schools Sesquicentennial (150  years since founding).  The occasion was our OBA day (Old Boys Association day).  This was a special one – and the turnout was very good.  Our school OBA has an equally long history going back to around 90 years.  There are many activities lined up each year for the OBA day.  The day starts with a prayer, singing the school anthem (which is etched in our blood now) and the wreath laying at the war memorial (from the First World War – a war which had a significant impact on our school).  Later we have a mouth watering breakfast with scrambled eggs, delicious pork sausages, butter, cheese, toast bread, apple and coffee.  This has been the traditional English breakfast which has been one of the key elements of the OBA day.  This year they had this along with a south-Indian breakfast (although I prefer the former).   Later we have the annual general meeting of the OBA members, followed by some sports events(old boys Vs current boys) and a beer bash at the basketball court.  The evening holds the Blue and White charitable ball which is another highlight of the day.  The OBA day each year manages to scramble lakhs of rupees as donation from old boys.  This year alone – I would guess that it went upto more than 1 crore rupees in donation from old boys on that single day.

From Reunions
From Reunions
From Reunions
From Reunions

While the OBA in our school is extremely well organised and have well laid plans for the school and its students – what do these events hold for me in general? I will answer that a bit later.

November 2008 – we had our college reunion.  I graduated from St.Josephs Arts and Science College in 1998.  Our college is one of the premier colleges for Arts, Science and Commerce in Bangalore and it has an equally old history (although not as old as the school).  The reunion was at a friends place.  The meet was pretty well organised and my friend did an extremely good job as a host.

From Reunions
From Reunions
From Reunions
From Reunions

In the span of close to two years – I have been to 3 reunions.  July 2008 was another ‘uneventful’ meet – which almost happened.  We were supposed to have a reunion of our batch mates from Phoenix Global Solutions – who started our career in July 1998.  We were a batch of 18 members.  Sadly the response was poor and it didn’t happen.  If that had happened – then it would have taken the count to 4. 

Anyway now coming back to the point: what happens at these reunions and what do we do.  Reunions without any agenda – are what they are supposed to be – just reunions.  These are fun events and are just meant to be that.

1. We meet some of them for the first time since graduation.  Sometimes we forget some names but mostly we tend to remember most.  Most of them would have changed physically – although some tend to be the same.   The pleasure of seeing them is good fun.

2. We discuss old events, funny incidents,  teachers, students, who is doing what (for those who didn’t turn up).

3. We then explore what we are doing currently in terms of job, designation etc. 

4. We discuss common areas in case the professions are close to each other or there are some other common interests. 

5. We discuss about who has died or has had a very unique turn of events in their lives.  For eg. at our school reunion – one of our batch-mates had undergone a sex-change operation.

6. Sometimes it takes a more serious and purposeful turn where we discuss charity and try to do something for the teachers/current students.  This again depends on who drives it and with what seriousness.  Most of the times these come up as ideas and just die there as nobody wants to own them. 

7. There are individuals who don’t wait for the group to get into its act and do for their alma mater on their own or as two.  This is very commendable. 

8. Then there is the chilling out factor, the food, the booze etc. 

9. Take lots of pictures

10. We even celebrate birthdays here – which was a good surprise this time at our college reunion.

Again it is debatable wether reunions should happen every year or should happen once every few years.  There are occasions like weddings etc. where quite a few batch-mates do come together.


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