Hello and Aamir

Saw the two movies.  Rating is as below:

Hello : MCj04316110000[1] MCj04316110000[1]MCj04316110000[1]

Aamir: MCj04316110000[1]MCj04316110000[1]MCj04316110000[1]MCj04316110000[1]


For one – I saw the movie Hello with a bit of a biased negative feedback.  So that could be the reason – why I didn’t enjoy it that much.  It was ok though.  Again I keep feeling bad for Isha Kopikkar (now she’s changed her name to Eesha) – that she isn’t getting good enough roles.  She’s such a good actress.  The overall movie is more like a feel good one.

800 X 600  HELLO 4th

Aamir is more of the genre of A Wednesday and Mumbai meri jaan.  A take on terrorism and a single guy victimised by it.  The screenplay is very tightly controlled.  However the overall outcome is so so.  Melodrama is missing and there is just one story line.




One thought on “Hello and Aamir

  1. Did u say the movie is good because Isha Kopikkar sorry Eesha Kopikkar has acted in it?
    There seems to be a conspiracy against Isha Kopikkar isn’t it Rajiv? I cannot undestand y her movies are flopping and y she isn’t getting any good roles. She is so beautiful and she is such a fine actress but still she is not finding her foot in the industry. It hurts isn’t it Rajiv when beautiful and fine actress like her are struggling in bollyhood.

    Ok fine tell me since have u started feeling so much for Isha Koppikar? Hope Kavita is reading this i would like to advice her to be careful.

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