Fuel Cells

Well one of the articles I read on Yahoo Green was the one on BloomEnergy Fuel cells.  Their technology converts a combination natural gas, water and oxygen into electricity and that too around 100 kilowatts – with extreme efficiency.  The key here is ‘extreme efficiency’.

One of the claims is that they plan to have these 100 kilowatts power plants in each house.  This would be a phenomenal achievement.  Ideally a house in India requires anywhere between 2 to 4 kilowatts of energy.  100 kilowatts is like 25 to 50 times the energy needed.  So that power could also be used for electric vehicles and cars.

On digging deeper I realised that there isn’t much on the internet about this company Bloom Energy – and there is a lot of secrecy shrouded around it and its key product.

I further went to this website and read this old article from Dec 2006.  Two of the comments made for good reading : there are other organisations as well which are almost there with productionizing super efficient cells like American Resource Securities Corporation and Solid Oxide Fuel Cell company.  This all makes for good reading.

But only time will tell ………when we will have a feasible, super efficient cell which will power up houses – even to the tune of 10 kw.


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