A strong churning against the LTTE

The voice of protest against the support which political parties in Tamil Nadu are giving to the LTTE is growing stronger.  This is RIGHT.  We all know very clearly that the war is against the LTTE and not against innocent Tamil civilians. 

Sane voices like that of N Ram, Malini Parthasarathi etc. are getting louder and more heard.  Yesterday morning there was an attack against The Hindu distribution center in Erode.  This is despicable.  All language chauvinists who support the LTTE – should be contained and punished where they get out of hand.  The fact that politician Jayalalitha – made a statement that political parties here are playing into the hands of the LTTE – is so true.  Although I don’t support the AIADMK – and don’t have too much of sympathy for her – she is right. 

Here are some writings across the internet on happenings in Sri Lanka and the political breastbeating in Tamil Nadu:

Sri Lanka not Karunanidhis property

Politics at Play – Tamil Nadu issues an ultimatum against the Union Government

Political Parties in the Shadow of the LTTE

Sri Lanka says plea for truce looks LTTE orchestrated

LTTE bid to bait India to bail it out

LTTE drives a wedge between DMK and Congress



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