LTTE and its demise

When I was in college – there used to be an LTTE sympathiser amidst us.  Those were the days when the Internet had just then made a foray into India (95-96).  I had a non-graphics VSNL student account.  Hence I was much sought after by this person – to download LTTE literature and some Kurt Kobain lyrics et al.

Once he even told me that he visited Rameshwaram to try to touch-base with some Tamil refugees there – to see if they could try to get him to cross the sea into Lanka and join the movement there.

I for one always wondered how this person could sympathize with the LTTE – despite them having killed our ex-PM Rajiv Gandhi.

Its been a long movement for the LTTE – when they started in 1983 and have now come this far with numerous failed negotiations/ceasfe-fire/treaties.  The organisation funded their movement on smuggling various contraband goods and people to South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America.  The revenue was huge.  They even supplemented it with ‘sympathy money’ (read: extortion money) from various Tamil Diaspora across the world.

Circa – 2008

The government of Rajapaksa have very successfully contained the LTTE and have inflicted many a crushing defeat to the LTTE.  There are many reasons why this is fair and what is happening IS RIGHT.  The government forces are just 2 kms from Killinochi which is the administrative capital of the LTTE.

There is a lot of turmoil amongst the LTTE.  They are a lost force who are desperately trying all the tricks of the trade to keep themselves alive and a force to reckon with.  Their last hope (they really don’t have any other cards up their sleeve) is to rekindle their Tamil brethren in Tamil Nadu and to build up some political steam so that it creates pressure on the Rajapaksa government – to tone down their military adventure.

The Tamil parties which form a vital link in the Manmohan Singh government – are losing no opportunity to play into the hands of the LTTE.  They are simply turning up the steam on the Union Government – to bring in some changes there.  I can still recall the politics of 1995 – when the Congress refused to have any bus with the DMK party simply because of them being LTTE sympathisers.  Things moved on and now the two parties share the same alliance and are in power.  But how could Sonia Gandhi forget that the forces which her allies support – are responsible for the brutal assassination of her husband.

The LTTE HAVE TO BE CRUSHED.  There simply is no option.  This political arm twisting should happen after the military rout and effective crushing of this guerilla movement happens.  The garb which all these parties are adopting is ‘the killing of innocent Sri Lankan Tamil civilians’.  The real reason is the LTTE.

If these parties are concerned – then the concern should be reflected in the genuine deployment of democratic institutions once the military campaign is over – NOT BEFORE THAT.

I don’t understand why some of the Tamil people continue to sympathize with the LTTE. It is one thing to be concerned about the injustice and discrimination meted out to Tamils in Lanka – but quite another thing to sympathize with the LTTE.  This organization killed its own brothers – who tried to provide alternate political voices to the Tamil movement.  They simply wanted to dominate the Lankan Tamil political voice – in every possible way.  Such intolerance.  This organization does not deserve any sympathy.

As such I don’t see too many people on the streets who support the LTTE.  It is mainly people from the PMK headed by Ramadoss.  This party is significant in the North West parts of Tamil Nadu – like Erode, Salem etc.  They directly support the LTTE.26e77f83-061f-46a2-a0c1-e70436753b242

The DMK has always had a soft corner for the LTTE.  However post 1991 and the Rajiv Gandhi assassination – their support is more discrete.  But 2008 and the precarious situation in which the LTTE finds itself …… not the time to be discrete.  Again as I said in the garb of civilian deaths – the DMK is supporting the LTTE and playing into their hands.


This is a huge farce.  These parties – should really have added a caveat in their joint resolution – that they supported the military defeat of the LTTE while showing concern for civilian deaths.

This man:

AstroLTTE_news_1179550673125 is not the representative of the Sri Lankan Tamilians.  He is a plain-speak TERRORIST – who ought to be hunted along with his coterie  and decimated.  The end of the LTTE is the only true harbinger of change to the long standing problem of Tamils in the Lankan nation.


4 thoughts on “LTTE and its demise

  1. Its very despicable that these regional politicos are supporting a terrorist so blatantly open.

    Speaking of Tamil/LTTE, during my recent visit to Central Europe, I was surprised (more so shocked) to see pictures of the Supremo hung in those dispora “Indian grocery” stores. I struck a conversation with one of those guys there, and was even more surprised to hear that they send 1 months’ earnings back home just to help their ‘homeland’ gain independence.

  2. Do u think that DMK has genuine concerns for Tamils in Srilanka? No.

    All this is vote politics. The poverty of Indian democracy is that no party is good enough to win election by its achievements so they create a gloomy picture or controversy or hatret and try to gain votes by this.

    As sekhar said Rajiv has put forth the feeling of 75% Tamils but for the rest of them this issue can be the single and foremost reason for voting or supporting x or y party that is y our political parties resorts to such games.

    As Rajiv rightly pointed out the funding of LTTE must be stopped for this Srilankan government should show lot of diplomatic skills. The present government is doing a terrific job right now to combat LTTE.

    India should limit itself to giving logistic support or intelligence sharing and only when the sentiments of the local people here and the of the Srilanka demands should think about taking active role other wise we have enough problems here.

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