Blog on Communalism

Here is a blog dedicated to communalism and all reporting on it.  Its really nice to know that there are people who are actually doing something about this – rather than the likes of people like me who just give lip service by posting a few posts on the topic now and then.

My thinking is that people need to rethink this whole idea of secularism.  The definition of secularism should be refined further and taken to a higher plane.  Perhaps lessons from Turkey and France could be taken to see how further we can take the constitutional definition of secularism. 

Beyond that the core attitudes of people should change – of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Parsees etc. on aspects of diversity and discrimination.  Changing of core attitudes which people have inherited due to various reasons – IS VERY DIFFICULT.  I would like to quote Mahatma Gandhi here –

I will open the doors and windows of my house and allow the winds of different parts of the world to flow through it.  But I will not be swept off my feet.

What he simply means is that he will celebrate diversity of culture and religion – but will resolutely hold on to his own culture without losing it.  This is a brilliant thought.


2 thoughts on “Blog on Communalism

  1. This is a good suggestion – ‘Education’. Should we prescribe a subject made compulsory in all schools. Topics covered should be:
    1. Diversity. Its various shades. Conflicts which arise due to diversity and how to handle them.
    2. Religious conflicts. Reasons, background, political shades. How to handle religious conflicts.
    3. Caste issues. Reasons, background, political shades. Avoiding discrimination.
    4. Reservation. Pros and cons of reservation. How to evolve a soceity where reservations would not be needed.

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