Shame India

Bomb blasts in Malegaon (Maharashtra) and Modasa (Gujarat).  Nun raped in Khandamal – in front of the police!!!  We are going through the worst of times.  We need a permanent solution to the issue of misguided Muslim youth taking the path of violence.  Just like we analysed the facts that led to Hindus attacking Christians and zeroed in on preaching as the reason (conversion was not the reason – but preaching was) – we need to see the root reason why a lot of Muslims take to violence.  A lot of us reach the wrong conclusion that ‘Muslims are all like that’, ‘they deserve to be in Pakistan’ etc. 

1. Backwardness and illiteracy

2. Violence against them not investigated properly and punished

3. Increase interaction between them and various other communities to resolve various common problems.  Government should encourage local boards/organisations which make such interaction possible. 

4. Discrimination against them should be made punishable.  Discrimination against anybody (not just Muslims) should be made punishable. 

5. They must be given reservation – to bring up their lot.

Anybody could figure out other solutions ……..are most welcome to post them.  Don’t attack the people attack the problem!!!

Happy Ramzan

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3 thoughts on “Shame India

  1. I have lot to comment on other posts of Rajivs but could not do so because of lack of time but this post demands immediate reply because it is affecting our every day life very much.

    Thinks are simpler if we accept the facts as it is instead of selective acceptance of the problem to make our post or comment pleasant to one and all.

    The truth is Islamic terrorism is genuine and also the fact that everyone knows and not explicitly saying is that Islamic terrorism has moral support and sympathizers from Muslim population in India and worldwide and so is Conversion and degradation of other religion by Christians and atrocities committed by some Hindu groups like Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena etc.

    The main problem is not that of terrorists or fundamentalist who are in minority in numbers but of majority of population who sympathizes and gives moral support to them. The problem is the mindset of average person in the country and worldwide. Media and individual nation in addition is adding fuel to the problem. 24/7 news channels has turned into a bane rather than boon and is sensationalizing every bit of a news. The other day I saw a debate on how ineffective our Police in tackling terrorism after the recent Delhi blast. The very next day when Police said it cracked the case the very same evening there was debate by Barkha Dutt in NDTV on whether Police is framing Muslims? And how could they crack the case so soon? What effect will this have on the moral of our security agencies? Media I must say in its efforts to find breaking news 24/7 hours is responsible more often than not in creating problems in communities and needlessly spreading rumors. Bomb blast has become a common thing today and the citizens feel highly insecure and some thing must be done immediately to prevent situation deteriorating further. If religion is confined to one’s own house than situation might improve.

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