Subramanyapuram and Sathyam

Saw the two Tamil movies. Here is my rating

Subramanyapuram: 4 stars
Sathyam: 2.5 stars

I saw Sathyam purely because my favourite Kannada hero (ahem!!!) Upendra has acted in it. I saw the movie despite the fact that the reviews were bad – and well ……the movie isn’t that great. While Upendra’s role is powerful here and I liked every bit of his acting ………… was the only thing which kept me stuck to the screen until the end. Nayanthara is wasted as a mere glamour doll. This movie doesn’t compare to Kaaka Kaaka (although they’ve tried to). They even have some Matrix like drive scenes. While a lot of effort seem to have gone into this movie ……….the screenplay hasn’t been controlled well. The movie seems to have gone out of control towards the end. The climax is pretty lame.   Upendra should choose his roles with care.  

Talking about Upendra : his initial movies were excellent (which he himself directed).  Shh, Om and Swastik were very good.  Swastik didn’t come out that well because the choice of  hero was bad (Raghavendra Rajkumar).  Upendra himself should have assayed that role.  ‘A’ and ‘Upendra’ were the turning point.  While these movies themself were kind of different …….he should have stopped there and turned back to direction.  H2O was a thoroughly rubbish movie.  They made ‘chitranna’ out of the concept.  After that I stopped watching his movies.  I didn’t see his later movies like ‘Kutumba’, ‘Raktha Kaneeru’  etc. – principally because I had moved to Chennai.  

His story seemed to have gone the Ravichandran route (initial movies were excellent ……later ones seem to have lost the inspiration and thoroughly bad).  Ravichandran’s ‘Malla’ was so very BAD.  Incidentally I was seeing ‘Daamini’ and ‘Malla’.  Daamini was one of the last Meenakshi Sheshadri movies in Hindi.  I just couldn’t get to see beyond a certain point.  I wonder how we enjoyed those 80s movies back them.  They are a trifle embarassing.  Too much of melodrama. 

But now that the Golden Age of Indian cinema is here ………things seem to be positively looking up for most actors (who have cared to care for their image).   Here’s wishing Uppi a great innings in Tamil and Telugu movies.








Subramanyapuram is one of the landmark movies in Tamil cinemadom.  Actually every year there is one or the other landmark movie here – which is different and good.  A local contact of mine was saying that the days of Rajni/Kamal are gone ……..where movies used to click only because they have acted in them.  Baba and Kuselan are testimony.  I think this is true with today’s Indian movie audience.  They have matured – and this is one of the key characteristics of the Golden Age.   Subramanyapuram is the ‘Tamil movie of 2008’.  It is a very low budget movie with totally new actors.  The key point about this movie is that the entire movie is about the happenings in an Indian town called Subramanyapuram ……….in the  year 1980.  The fact that every detail in this movie is about how things were in 1980 ……….make this movie stand out.  Its a bit nostalgic as I remember some of the ads like the ‘Scissors’ cigarette ad with a guy wearing a old style helmet and the fact that the tape recorder wasn’t that common and people still relied on the grammaphone with the discs.  The story is not that great and there is a lot of revenge killings which make the movie a bit disturbing.  If this story had been about something in the 2000s ………it would have sank without a trace.  The only reason it stands out is because of the ‘1980’ like feeling.


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