Reasons for Mangalore riots and its SOLUTIONS

Yesterday I had an extended debate with Kavi and these are the postulates we came up with.  We focused on solutions.

1. The violence against the churches is thoroughly condemnable.  The solution we came up with is to increase security at churches and to come up with localized community programs to build bridges between the local non-Christians and Christians.  This we felt could reduce the incidence of violence against churches and eventually build harmony amongst communities.  It is a fact that there are some who do it with vested interests.  Hence we also felt that the police should pursue the perpetrators of this violence and severly punish them. 

2. While conversion is not wrong and individuals have the right to choose the religion of their choice …..what should be banned is preaching.  We both felt that the government should come up with rules where preaching ones religion to another who belongs to another religion – should be banned.  This includes slandering anothers religion.  This should be made punishable.  Also while some religious organisations do social service ……this should be encouraged.  However those who do social service – to discretly or directly do conversions ……….should be banned and punished under the rule of law.  Their licenses should be revoked.  It is a fact that conversions do happen with economic inducements.  I have personally come across cases where preaching is done and proselytization is done with economic inducements.

I’m opening this to debate.  This should hopefully solve problems.


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