Resurgence of Pagan Religion

World over there seems to be a revival in interest shown to pagan religions and their practices.  In some places it goes beyond scholastic interest ……….to actually adopting and following these pagan rites and culture.  Right from Britain ……where the Stonehenge culture is slowly being revived …… Germany and France …pagan rites are being researched with a new found zeal.

Here is this article where Africas ‘spirit’ culture is being revived against the domination of Herbrew religions of Islam and Christianity.  This article bought cheer to me and it reminds me of the pain of Chinua Achebe who wrote the front running novel from Africa “Things Fall Apart”.  It is a painful novel on the sudden loss of culture and coming under the dominion of aliens from a totally different culture.  This is one of the ‘must-read’ novels which I would recommend to readers. 

Here is the article: 

The book which I completed reading “Aghora – the Left Hand of God” ……..similarly delves into the pagan nature of Tantra ………which pre-dates the vedic culture.   Tantra was the pagan religion of India ……….and the Vedic culture was the Herbrew equivalent of Islam-Christianity ………which swept away paganism.  However Tantra was still able to hold its own and even diversified into Buddhist and Jain Tantra.  Hence we are at a point where there is an amalgamation of various streams of thought and religion.  Don’t want to go too deep into this.  Again ……..this does not mean that I would personally vouch for Trantra or Vedic religion or Hebrew religion.  This are all an academic curiosity of mine …….and shouldn’t really indicate anything beyond that.  I don’t even recommend it to anyone at all.


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