Mallika Sherawat and her latest flicks

Well – I for one don’t like Mallika Sherawat.  Didn’t like the way she made a hue and cry about being thrown out by her dad ………years back to get some measley publicity.  Anyway coming back to the point ….about her movies.  I saw Dashavataram and liked her acting.  Later I went on to see Ugli Aur Pagli and came away bowled by the movie and her acting.  Then again I saw Maan Gaye Mughl-E-Azam yesterday.  While her acting is very good here ………..the movie is a damp squib.  The story line has not been managed well.  Paresh Rawal’s acting is top of the class here and so is his characterisation.  Rahul Bose’s acting is not that great and his characterisation is not good at all.  Rahul Bose is not suited for loud roles like this one.  He is more so suited for subtle roles like the ones he played in Mr.and Mrs. Iyer, 15 Chowringhee Lane (think I got the name right!!!) etc.  Somehow the overall outcome of the movie is not that great.  While the movie is a comedy ………they should have bought in some seriousness in the movie towards the end (like in Ugli Aur Pugli where there is melancholy towards the end …….and that’s what made the movie likeable).  I felt this movie lacked the melancholy/seriousness in the end …………and goes away as a irony-comedy flick.  Here is the official link to the movie:  Mallika Sherawat should stop comedy for sometime as we’ve got bored already.  Her acting is good at comedy …….but she should try more variety now. 

Another good thing about Mallika Sherawat …… her refusal to appear in the Rakhi Sawant talk show.  Does her image a lot of good.  She’s paying a lot of attention to image building and that is showing.  Way to go Mallika (not that I’ve turned her fan or something)!!!


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