Chennai Walk – VI Adyar Estuary

Okay …..this time around I took another route to the Adyar Estuary ……..the point where the river meets the sea.  I circumvented the Theosophical Soceity and took the road through the dirty Urur Kuppam ……..a fishermans colony.  But the effort was worth it.  The estuary is a tad lonely place.  But its very beautiful.  There is a dysfunctional broken bridge which ends right in the middle of the river.

There are various birds, fishes etc. which man the point. 

There are various fancy apartments, old palaces on one bank of the river and there is the massive Theosophical Soceity forest on the other bank. 

I had a good time here.  Here are the pictures from there.


One thought on “Chennai Walk – VI Adyar Estuary

  1. Hi Rajiv

    I was googling for Adyar Estuary and came across your blog. I am visiting from Boston and have a few days at Chennai. I do some bird photography. Would be great if you can give me pointers on how to get to the spots that have birds. I will be using a taxi to get to the place as I have a lot of gear to lug around.

    My web site is: All images there are taken in US and would love to have some from my motherland.

    I believe evening would be the best time as the sun would shine on the birds from west/ southwest. Correct me if wrong.

    Thanks for your help.


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