A very good one.  Had heard a lot about this epic novel by Boris Pasternak.  Didn’t have the time to read the entire book though ………..so saw the movie instead.  This is a 2 DVD movie ……..which I got at the British Council Library. 

The story is very nice and talks about love, freedom, family and the changing world during the Russian Revolution.  I think I will pick up the book sometime and read it cover to cover.  The most moving scene is one where a father shoots his own 3 children ………out of fear that one day someone else will kill them as he himself is a mercenary of the Red Army which is fighting a war against the White Army during the time of the Russian Revolution.  War does not care for human value or for family etc.  Revolution is a sham ……..as the end result is the same ……with a different set of clothes.  It was actually a television series and the entire stuff spans for 5 hours.  Some of the concepts …..are a tad difficult to accept: where a man goes in search of his soul mate ……….at the cost of his own loving family which includes two kids. 

Overall rating – 4.5 stars.



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