Bangalore Walk – 1: Sankey Tank precints

Went to Sadashivnagar (Bangalore) to visit the popular children s park.  Was instantly impressed with the walkway around the lake.  Its been done very beautifully.  The children s park itself – which is behind the Sankey Tank Park (these are two separate parks) – has a beautiful joggers track, musical fountain and numerous play things for kids.  While my camera battery died somewhere on the way …….I did manage to capture some pictures of the lake itself.

There is also a tree there – on the banks of the tank where a weird bird (possibly migratory) group has made it their nest.  The nests are big and the birds are as big.  Its quite a sight to see – amidst the chaotic bangalore roads. 

It gives you hope that Bangalore could slowly be recovering from the mess of over development.  Here is the link to the album:

Bangalore Walk
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