Water Scarcity and the future of Agriculture

Water scarcity is something which will acquire even greater proportions in the days to come.  The government of Himachal Pradesh has reportedly asked ONGC to scan for the mythical Saraswathi river to see if it could tap underground water sources to quench the thirst of its teeming millions. 

Then there are the doomsday picture of the world submerged as early as 2050 – and severe resource crunch around the world. 

Then again there is the spiraling of food prices and the evolution of food and commodity procurement (in India). 

 Okay now moving on to the smile stories – away from the sob stories above.

The days of the agriculturist going to the towns/cities to market his produce at discounted prices seem to be over.  The retailer is going directly to the farmer to get the produce and sell it for a reasonable price.  This seems to be the evolving model and it could possibly take another 10 years before it gets firmly entrenched.  There is also a trend towards organic farm produce as opposed to the usual farm produce.  These are healthy signs of agriculture taking on a financially healthy profession.  

Positive stories or negative stories – the world is changing so fast around us – that it gets scary at times. 


One thought on “Water Scarcity and the future of Agriculture

  1. You are right world is changing fast. I am really scared about the depletion of ground water. Every state in India has water sharing problem with neighboring state. The problem of water shortage is more because we are not harvesting water, we and the corrupt Government is responsible for this.
    Near my house there is a lake when I came here 3 years ago people used to catch fishes weighing 8-10 kgs in this lake.
    The plots rates have gone up multifold in my area because of close proximity to the new international airport. In the last few weeks every night trucks come and fill this lake with mud, stone and sand with what every they get and huge bulldozers and cranes are used to level this dump and I also heard some real estate mafia is doing this and he also connected this lake through a pipe line to the near by drainage to drain the water though I stay 1km away from this lake I can hear sounds of trucks, bull dozers and cranes working all night. Now almost ¾ of lake is filled and all this is not possible until the corrupt politicians and Government officials join hands with the goon.
    The place I reside now was also a small pond when I came here but now you see houses everywhere and when it rains heavily my street turns into a Dal Lake. I see the same fate to that lake also.

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