Bhoomi Putras Vs. Pardesis

In Malaysia they give more privileges to local Malays second preference to Ethnic Chinese and last the Indians.  Indians crib about being discriminated against.

In Assam they threw out people from the rest of india – biharis, bengalis, north indians etc.  Huge violence followed by many deaths.

In Maharashtra there is a backlash against North Indians – with local Marathi’s demanding a more preferential treatment for Marathis and directly/indirectly asking the others to behave or to leave.  All this spearheaded by the Shiv Sena

In Karnataka – the Kannada Rakshana Vedike vehemently opposes North Indians, Tamilians and people from other states.  They demand that the local population of Kannadigas be given reservation and more preferential treatment and others should behave or leave.

All these are shades of ethnic tensions.  Pretty frankly at times I feel the local population should have a preferential treatment and at times I feel that every body should have equal opportunities in all parts.  Being a person who has lived in another city for many years now – I have seen both sides of the coin.  It leaves a trail of confusion in your mind about what is right and what is wrong.

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2 thoughts on “Bhoomi Putras Vs. Pardesis

  1. It is matter of great concern and worry; racial ethnic disturbances can have catastrophic effect. We all belongs to one nation and constitution provides rights to any citizen irrespective of where he lives to own land, property and live in any part of the country. Having said that but when you are threatened of your roots it is not easy to sit quite and accept it.
    I left my birth place 4 years ago and when I go there for holidays I am surprised to see the changes taken place in last few years. Nobody knows what Ugadi is and holy is celebrated in much fan fare like a oora jatre. I am an outsider in my own native place. City has changed so much, then again I question myself am I not holding some localite job in this city? We talk about world being a global village and these things are part and parcel of it.
    Why is America so powerful? I feel it is because it gets the best of brains to work for them and does not make any distinction based on racial, ethnic and nationality. Now there is talks there for American jobs for Americans if that happens then i don’t feel that America will remain the same.
    Shiv Sena’s, Kannada Rakshana vedike and other such are only using the frustration of localites for their misdeeds and their activities will jeopardize their city and the people.
    I feel the country is going through a silent revolution and the movement of the people across the country is so much that it has never seen this in history this will definitely cause some minor disturbance and would settle down after some time. The only thing for concern is that only elite educated people are moving to big cities and others are being simple thrown out.

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