The Flock Browser

I’d just like to stop and appreciate the Flock Browser.  I have been using it pretty often these days.  Whenever I have some personal browsing to do like personal mails, orkut, blogging, video uploading, photo browsing etc. etc. I end up opening the Flock Browser.  IE is for official work only. 

Opera used to be much preferred browser – but then came along Flock.  I tried it and it became an addiction so fast.  For those of you who want to try – Flock is for the internet user who is pretty social on the net ……………….not for the staid surfer.

Way to go Flock!!!! Keep it up.  I just wish you had more interfaces to other service providers like Picasa, yahoo 360 etc. 

Blogged with Flock


2 thoughts on “The Flock Browser

  1. Hey !!!!! you guys are so cool. Yes I look forward to the 1.1 version. I will beta test it and most importantly I am looking forward to the picasa and the yahoo mail integration – which make a lot of difference to me. Send me a mail with a link to your 1.1 download.

    Query: Would your picasa integration provide me the facility to add captions to photos while uploading?

    I have been a flickr user – but am disappointed with their 200 photo upward limit – and I feel you made a bad choice of going for flickr as the first photo media integration. Anyway you guys have a long way to go. All the best.

    PS: I love you guys. I especially like the personal touch of bothering to mail.

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