Citadel of Saladdin and Al Azhar once again

I had been to the Citadel of Salahuddin (a fortress). Salahuddin was one of the foremost Muslim military geniuses who took on the might of the European crusaders and defeated them. His fortress in Old Cairo occupies a very elevated hill and gives you a very good view of Cairo. Read on more about Salahuddin:

Inside the Citadel is a huge mosque dedicated to another of Islams famous military men – Mohammed Ali – an Albanian General of the Ottomon empire who captured Egypt around the 1800 . He built a huge mosque inside the citadel and it is a beautiful one. There are other structures within Salahuddin’s castle – which is pretty big. Mohammed Ali had a huge impact on Egypt. Read more about him:

I had been to Al Azhar mosque – which I had mentioned in one of my last blog postings – hosts the oldest university in the world – The Al Azhar university. It again is a very peaceful and old mosque – and very beautiful as well. I had to go there again as it was late evening last time I went around there and couldn’t get good pictures.

Taking pictures in a castle or chapel or mosque – is simply a delight with all those architectural beauties and wide areas.
See the pictures here:

Salahuddins Citadel and Al Azhar precints

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In the evening I had been to the Sound and Light show at the Pyramids of Giza. This was simply marvellous. My team mates were comparing it to the Sound and Light show at the Golconda fort (which I missed when I went to Hyderabad). Cairo is so much like Delhi – so many layers underneath.  Only difference is that Cairo is much much older than Delhi.  As I kept saying – Indian history does not go much beyond 1000 BC.  Egypt has history dating back to 2500 BC and pretty well documented.   Egypt as the saying goes is the gift of the Nile.  Truly the country here revolves around the river.  All the major cities and old civilisations are bang next to the river.  The country is larger though – but with much of it covered by the Saharan desert.   The Nile is everything here.


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