I just don’t seem to be getting enough of writing about Yahoo’s sob story.  Now the takeover from Microsoft seems to be so certain.  It simply sucks.  One of the top execs from Yahoo moved to Google.  I don’t know what the internet world is coming to. 

Earlier we had Microsoft versus Yahoo.  There was AOL as well.  Then was the AOL Turner merger.  Then Netscape got taken over by AOL.  Then came Google and everything changed again.  Its a shame that Yahoo couldn’t stand its own.  I didn’t think I’d see the day when my hotmail account and yahoomail account would get merged.  But I think I will see that day soon.  Shame Shame!!!!! At the end of it all – it is we who lose out. 

Despite all this – I guess I will still hold on to my yahoo mail account – for the sake of practicality and simply because I have held on to it for the last 10 years and its difficult to let go of darashikoh. 


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