Egypt wins Africa Cup – we celebrate on the Nile

Today was a fantastic day to be in Egypt. There are cars all around on the streets – blaring their horns continuously. The whole nation is joyous. Egypt lifted the Africa Cup – by beating Cameroun. The joy is so infectious – that I couldn’t help feel happy for Egypt.

Mom and I were on the Nile – in one of those fancy river boats – which are eternally anchored on one place. We were there eating fish in the ‘Fish Market’ boat – enjoying fish: when Egypt won the cup. And the environment was fantastic with the people celebrating around.  The restaurant gave us a complimentary drink to celebrate.

Yesterday night we had been to the famous Khan El Khaleeli market. Here is where the famous Al Azhar mosque and Islamic Seminary is located. It is more than 1100 years old and students from all over the world come here to study Islamic theology. There are students from Indonesia, India, Bangladesh etc. who come here. They teach a more moderate leaning of Islam which is far from the Wahhabi cult.
The Khan El Khaleeli market is famous of souvenirs and small fry where you can get good bargains for stuff you can buy. Here are a few pics from there.

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One thought on “Egypt wins Africa Cup – we celebrate on the Nile

  1. Photos are excellent. I could not resist but to admire Egypt. The streets, lanes and bazaars are very huge and sophisticated. City turned to be better than what I expected.
    Mummy must be very happy to fulfill her dream to visit Egypt.
    Wedding photographs did not look like a Muslim Marriage. It was more western in costume, atmosphere etc etc. I thought I saw bride wearing crown. Was it a Christian Marriage? Egyptian ladies are very pretty. Good Mum is with you. I should advice Kavita not to leave u alone in Egypt.
    We have heard so much about Nile in History, good to see u spend time there. How was ur feeling when u actually first saw it?

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