Eeeks 2

Well here is a link on what could have happened with the undersea cable being cut – disrupting the internet.

Internet link goes down

How dependent are we on the internet.  Well not to a very great extent – considering that we still have telephone and fax which works.  However the role that the internet plays in certain areas where telephony cannot be handy – certainly underlies the importance of the internet. 

I remember the movie Terminator (the last of them) which talks about dooms day which actually happens when all internet and telephone connections go down and there is total chaos.  My God – I cannot imagine such a situation!!!! It reminds me of a chapter in my first year PUC Kannada text book – which mentions about the breakdown of a key bridge in the Goan city of Mandovi and how the entire population was severly affected by it.  Fuel/water/transport everything was affected by the breakdown of this bridge and it made things so difficult.

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