I am Legend

Just saw the movie at the City Center Mall in Heliopolis – an affluent suburb – quite outside the main Al Kahira city.  Ancient Heliopolis was the center of sun worship cult in Pharonic Egypt.  Modern Heliopolis is close to this ancient center and was a carefully constructed suburb by a French architect.  It was constructed around a 100 years ago.  Al Kahira has now grown around Heliopolis.

I am Legend is an average movie.  I would give it 2.5 stars.  The story is pretty average and despite the splendid acting of the Will Smith – the movie is really a damp squib.  The only scene which touched me – was the one where he is singing a lullaby to his dog Samantha – and then when he realizes that the infection has taken over her …………………he immediately strangles her to death.  The transition from a caring owner of the dog to the immediate killer of the dog is remarkable.  Apart from this …………….the movie is simply ‘pass’.

Feels good to be commenting on a movie after quite a while.  The internet is really boring these days.  My co-blogger Hemanth has gone into hibernation (wonder what’s with him).  I don’t see many comments on my blog and none of the other blogs which I visit often really have much activity.  Allah knows how long!!!!! I would just wish …… Insha Allah that he becomes a regular blogger like me.

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