Coptic Kahira and the Nilometer

First the Nilometer.  The flooding of the Nile in the month of August – has always been a celebrated occasion.  From the days of the pharaohs – there have been various measuring techniques which very accurately measured the flooding the Nile.  There is a legend that the various pyramids built around Kahira have had their stones cut from the hills around Aswan and the Nubian region.  It would then be put into a boat and the boat allowed to stand in the Nile.  During the flooding of the Nile – the stones would get transported around 700 kms downstream because of the water.
In 891A.D. the first Nilometer was constructed.  Now what is the Nilometer.  It is a measuring mechanism which measures the extent of the flooding and the ruling gentry would appropriately tax the people based on this scientific measure.  This was during the height of the Islamic Renaissance – which preceded Eurpoean Renaissance.  The Nilometer was constructed by a muslim Uzbek engineer around 1300 years ago.  Here are some pics from there

And then I went visiting the Coptic area of Egypt where stands the Hanging Church and the Cathedral of St.George – the original apostle who came to Egypt – just like St.Thomas came to India.  So Christianity in Egypt is as old as Christianity in India.  Here they are called Coptic Christians and have always co existed with the Muslims.

The rest of the photos of the Nilometer and the Hanging church can be found in my Egypt album:


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One thought on “Coptic Kahira and the Nilometer

  1. It seems that from the photo Nilometer is a firm huge fixed structure which cannot be moved then how would you measure a flooding of nile from some fixed structure some where else? U say that the nilometer was constructed by some uzbeg Engineer 1300 years ago. Does the structure is that old? In photo it seems that it is very new have they constructed it new using old principle? Assuming that Nilometer is a solid huge fixed structure probable it would be some where near the banks of nile and depending upon the flooding of water into it they would measure the flooding of nile. Is that so? If it is so then probable they cannot measure beyond a point if the whole structure submerges.
    Photos u have posted are excellent have u taken those snaps?
    I love food of all kinds i like to experiment new dishes i wish u post on Egyptian food along with photos so that i we all will know how exactly the food looks.

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