Al Kahira

Here are some more pics from Kahira (sounds better than Cairo).

This one is in Downtown – a shopping area in Kahira.  This restaurant/coffee shop is called J Groppi and dates back to 1891.

This one is the entrance of the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities.  The entrance is majestic and makes you feel humble – more like it demands your respect to what lies inside.  Personally I feel that the greatest artifact which lies inside is the  mummy of  Great Ramses –  and  not the grandeur of  Tutakhamen.

Some more interesting pics are in my picasa album:


Okay the fact that I have kinda accepted Picasa – simply reflects my growing seperation from the Yahoo portals.  First it was 360 then it was  Who knows what else is in store.
Its painful to seperate from something you have been associated with for the last 11 years.


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