Jab We Met

My Rating: 4 star

I would say it still qualifies as a ‘Must See Movie’.  The true representation of India and its culture can be very well seen here.  The screenplay is superb and the director has nowhere lost control of the story.  The subtle play of emotions and the fact that the director has used physical proximity between the hero and heroine very appropriately – makes it stand apart from all the other Hindi movies we see today.  The acting also is superb from both the lead actors. 

The trains, hotels, lanes of small time towns are very well shown.  Rural India and its beauty has also been well depicted.  Here are some pics:

Incidentally I also happened to see the movie Saawariya.  Well the less we talk about this crappy movie …….the better.  A huge disappointment from Sanjay Leela Bhansali.  The story is worthless and the director simply lost control of the screenplay and the story here.  Simply crap.

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One thought on “Jab We Met

  1. Om Shanti Om and Jab we meet are in my list of movies i would like to watch. Many have told me that these two movies are good. Such a irony Kareena and Shahid gave an hit after separating.
    I hate Sanjay Leela Bhansali, everything about him irritates me. I started hating this guy and Karan Johar in Karan Johar’s talk show ‘Coffey with Karan. The way they humiliated Mallika Sherawat was in bad taste though im not a fan of Mallika and do not have much opinion about her acting capabalities. It was all done so cheap it was like two kids bullying their class mate. The much talked about ‘Black’ which got good reviews was also below average and was not worth the attention it got. Less said about Kabhi Alvida na Kehna is better. So their is not much intellectuality attafhed to these two guys but when these two guys acts like one it is irritating.

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