More on Burma

These are the latest developments in Burma:

  • The military junta sent many blankets, fruits and goodies to some of the leading monastaries ….in an attempt to build bridges with the monks. 
  • They have named one of the top military generals – Aung Kyi as an emissary/go-between the military leadership headed by Than Shwe and the leader of the opposition ….(who has been jailed since 1988) Aung San Sui Kyi.  But critics say that the past has seen many such emissaries come and go between the two ……and nothing coming of it eventually.  Than Shwe himself has set many pre-conditions before the talks and Aung San Sui Kyi has said that genuine talks are not done with pre-conditions.   I have a feeling that nothing is really going to happen and this is just to pacify the international community and buy time ….so that things eventually cool down.

India and China haven’t been doing well in supporting the peoples cause.  India was a firm supporter of Aung San Sui Kyi all along …………until the mid-ninties when it changed tact and started building an alliance with the military junta.  In real terms that was a good move for the Indian government …………….as India could quell the multiple rebellions in the North East with the help of the Burmese military and in turn quell the various rebellions which Burma itself was facing in its north.  India double crossed some of the rebels with whom they had an alliance earlier.  Read link:;_ylt=Au.Vwa0kONDnPmT2iFyRXoFg.3QA

India wanted to prevent China from getting a foothold into the Bay of Bengal and wanted to leverage some of the natural gas resources in Burma.  Along with that as I mentioned earlier they wanted the help of Burma in putting down its own rebels in the North East.  It made a lot of sense in building an alliance with the Burmese military.  While this helped India ……… the Indian government lost the good will of the Burmese people it had all along.  India made a similar move with the Tibetan govt. in exile vis-a-vis China.


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