Buddha Mar Gaya

I saw this movie because I read some good reviews about it.  However when we eventually saw it ……….I was a bit disgusted and did NOT like the movie.

I thought the word ‘Buddha’ should be read as the Buddha from Buddhism.  However it turns out that it should be read like ‘B u dd a’ as-in the Hindi equivalent of ‘old man’.

Rakhi Sawant ….as always comes across real cheap.  The movie has more sleaze than stuff.  Things like three guys peeing ….while holding each others ‘pee-wee’, or an fake bi-sexual sadhu having a relationship with an elderly lady of the house as well as a gay relationship with the lady’s nephew, or the elderly lady relieving herself in the bushes, or the old man getting a girl  married to his son …..while the old man himself father’s a kid from that girl.  Yuck Yuck!!!! More muck than anything else.  A B-grade movie with B-grade concepts.  Om Puri surely should not have acted in this movie.

Please do NOT see this movie.


One thought on “Buddha Mar Gaya

  1. Watching a movie is really an adventure especially considering the movies that are made now-a-days. Movie reviews sometimes are misleading. I have stopped reading reviews in Times of India as I feel they are highly biased and very liberal in rating a movie. The movie premier of Buddha Mar Gaya hinted at an out and out comedy but on reading the review of the movie in Hindu I decided not to risk myself it appears from your blog that I made an wise decision.

    I watched Chiranjeevi son’s movie Chirutha, actually as a rule I don’t watch established Star’s and their children movie until I hear from close friends that it is really good. I was a great fan of Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna but year after year they have given me shock after shock so I don’t even venture near cinema hall where there movie is playing. I went to the theatre thinking that they are showing ‘Happy days’ as was advertised in newspaper as I had gone so far I decided to watch ‘Chirutha’ which was not worth it one of the fans in the cinema hall agreed that the movie had no story it was made only to show how the hero can dance and fight. I thought at my age I can run faster and fight better than him and was sure that every 20year guy who was whistling in the hall can do much better than that. To show that 2 ½ hour movie was such an waste of money and precious time of the audience. Only difference between Chiru’s movie and his son was to show Ciru 75mm screen is required and to show his son 35mm will do as he his much leaner than him. My advice to all the audience is unless u r die hard fan of chiru do not dare to watch this movie.

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