Greenhouse and the way downhill

It really purturbs me to think of what’s happening around us and where we would end up in ……. say another 10 years.   Been thinking about it for a long while now and …………..sadly there isn’t much I can do about.  On a slightly positive note ….I was reading about these 4 young guys in Jayanagar 8th block who went around town planting trees ……using some scientific methods ………..and have succeeded 65%!!!!!! Heartening reads.  But beyond that ……….the future is really bleak 😦

I had posted an earlier article on this on my earlier blog in Yahoo  That was last year.

But todays article on BBC gives me the jitters: 

Seeing the movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ – makes you wonder how vulnerable you are in nature’s scale of things.  We never know ……………one fine day (maybe within a week/month) the whole of mankind could get wiped out.  Maybe some remote tribes in deep amazon or somewhere in the pacific could survive to start civilisation all over again.  A very likely possibility.  Or maybe like the dinosaurs ……………….there would be no ‘humans’ at all. 


2 thoughts on “Greenhouse and the way downhill

  1. Rajiv,
    It’s a vicious circle, we need development, and we also need to preserve our nature. Here in bangalore, you will find one group of people protesting over narrow roads, and when trees are cut to widen these roads, you will find another group protesting over these cut trees. Eventually trees will be cut and roads will get bigger.

    Another example is the power plants. When ever govt thinks of setting up power plants, the so called environmentalists protest over these plans and these same people, i am sure they will crib when there is no power at their place and again blame the govt for it.

    There is not straight forward solution to this. The future indeed is very bleak either ways. All we can do is conserve energy, in what ever ways we can. Things like not leaving you laptops in standby mode, removing chargers from sockets after they are used, using CFL instead of bulbs, etc may seam small, but certainly it will preserve a lot of energy.

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