North Korea and blogging

Last year I had posted some spectacular pictures from the North Korean mass games – Arirang.  This year was even better.  They mobilised more than 1 lakh people for the dance shows itself.  The pictures are equally spectacular.  Pictures are at:

Whoever choreographs these events in North Korea …………… simply does a fantastic job – one of the best in the world. 

Also was reading about the world’s oldest blogger at 95 years.  She blogs in Spanish and within 6 months she has got a spectacular reader base with many offering to translate her works:

the first post of María Amelia López

Posted below is the picture ………’see no evil, speak no evil, but hear from an i-pod’.  Just indicates about the prevalance of the i-pod.  As far as I’m concerned and i-pod is a slightly high end mp3 player ……..and nothing else.  Apple had a field day with all the hype and marketing which they churned out.  And it paid off!!!



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