Arul Mani!!!

Well when I did my PU in St.Josephs Arts and Science College – it was PS(Pradeep Sebastian) who waz our English teacher.  He was the original guru – who introduced me to Roald Dahl and film appreciation.  He was a film critic and wrote in the DH. 


Then I moved up to BSc. and we had Arul Mani who was equally (if not more) talented ….who stepped into PS shoes (PS just left teaching in the year AM joined). 

Arul Mani as I knew him was a really nice chap (who used to look pretty decent) ……… and was any day better than the snooty LM (Hemanth and Gopi would surely agree with me).  Arul was a master quizzer and I went on to see him at many super and not so super quizes ….both as the master and and as the questioned.  Later he went on to team up with another master quizzer – Avinash Mudaliar and the pair rocked. 

I came across this real stupid critic of Arul Mani on the net ……….and Arul’s rebuttal on his blog.   Since I knew Arul pretty well ……………..i think Bangalore torpedo really sucked.

Here it is:

and AM’s rebuttal:


7 thoughts on “Arul Mani!!!

  1. I read the blog and it was disgusting. I do not know Mr Arul Mani personally but what ever was written about him was ottekichhina parakaste(Jealousy). It crossed the limit of decency and some times it seemed that the person has lost senses and needs counselling.
    No person has any rights to critizine anyone on how he dresses up or his hair style etc
    Fancy cars and high paying jobs doesnt mean success, the person himself was an example for that. Dude u need to have ur feet firmly on the ground.
    I have no idea about Mr Arun Mani’s intellectual capabalities but he has every right to live his life as he wishes.

  2. Dear Hemanth and Rajiv,
    I completely go with your views. The very first blog I chanced to read a few years back was about the alleged ‘gay’ relationship between Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan. The blogger had used all the sleazy crap he could come up with and had made the friendship between KJo and SRK his private business. I felt the entire thing was rubbish, which in turn had led to a misconception about blogs. Mr. Arul Mani and his friends’ reply to the torpedo blog is fitting, though at times the language over there looks sleazy too!!
    Whatever, it is a sad fact that yellow-bloggers like torpedo are being encouraged to write such things and shamelassly sideline people who care to oppose them. Not a healthy trend at all!!

  3. Dear Dara,
    Couldn’t agree with you more!!
    But the ambiguity here is, what may seem right to me may seem wrong to someone else. Who’se to decide what should be said and what shouldn’t be?
    ‘Freedom of speech and expression’ are the terms that are being used in a very relative, oh-that’s-so-casual manner.
    Here’s where slanderers thrive.

  4. ಮರುಕೋರಿಕೆ (Pingback): Namaskaara India « My life and my search for inspiration
  5. I love Mr Arul Mani. He’s the best English teacher I never had (I so wish we had gone to Joseph’ guys! so lucky!). I feel like he is the apple in the garden if Eden. It was innocently minding its own business when the snake and Eve and all of heaven and earth started a controversy around it. Leave him alone!

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