Terror alert in my city

There has been a terror alert sounded in the city.  A couple of HUJI terrorists are supposed to be holed up in the city waiting for orders.  Its kinda scary.  The road on which my office is located is a prime target – with many IT companies located on it.  There is Infosys, Patni, Polaris,  HCL, Accenture, Wipro, TCS, Satyam, CTS, US Technologies, Caltech, I-Gate.  There are thousands of people who walk and and walk out of these offices everyday – and a determined terrorist will not find it difficult to sneak in. 

The last one month has seen the security in our office being tightened.  Everyday my car is checked with a mirror passed underneath the car and the boot being made to open for checking.  Even though they are familiar with me – they still check (which is actually reassuring).  I wonder how Hemanth would have felt after those three bombings in Hyderabad.  It affects you without doubt.

But as I said …………… a determined terrorist who has planned well …………… is not very difficult to sneak in. Read on…..:

Centre issues terror advisory for Chennai

NEW DELHI: The Central government has issued an advisory to the Chennai DGP about a possible terror attacks.

According to sources, central intelligence agencies have found out that 3-4 HuJI activists are holed up in Chennai waiting for orders to carry out a strike in the busy and crowded areas of the city.

The intelligence agencies are working overtime after the recent Hyderabad blasts.

This information is based on several telephone intercepts over a period of time.

Special intelligence teams may be sent to the state to avert any such mishap. And as a precautionary measure, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kerala and Mumbai have been put on high alert.

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One thought on “Terror alert in my city

  1. It is really scary thing to know that Chennai is on the hit list of terrorism attach. Prior to bomb blast in Hyderbad there was definite information that RDX was smuggled in to the city and there was rumours that its being transported to Mehboobnagar. Police had clear idea about how much RDX was used and how much was still left unused.
    Gokul chats was frequent hangout for me my sincere advice to u is avoid crowded place especially weekend remain indoors and enjoy TV and good food.

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